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Anna of Arendelle
She is energetic, kind, playful, clumsy, talkative, inquisitive, thinks sometimes after she does. Anna is beautiful and slender, she has blue eyes, light skin with a light dusting of freckles. The heroine was the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle. She loved her older sister Elsa very much, who had an amazing gift and could control ice and snow. Once, while playing with her sister, Anna got carried away with the game and Elsa wounded her in the head. To save her daughter, the king and queen took her to the trolls, who cured her of Elsa's magic and erased the memory that her sister has a gift. After this incident, a white lock of hair appeared on the right side of the girl's head. Since then, Elsa has distanced herself from her sister and stopped playing with her. Anna was very bored, but she couldn't do anything. A few years later, the king and queen died in a storm, but the princesses still stayed away. Soon, Elsa reached the age when she was preparing to becom...

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