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Yo! Have you heard about Raven? She's this epic superheroine in the DC Comics universe who's a part of the Teen Titans crew. She's got some serious demon powers thanks to her old man Trigon, and she can control dark energy like it's nobody's business. Raven's totally got that brooding and mysterious vibe going on, and she's always trying to keep her emotions in check. But get this, Raven's not just in the comics! She's appeared in animated shows like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, and even in the live-action Titans series. And if you're into gaming, you can play as Raven in Injustice or the Teen Titans video game based on the animated series. Overall, Raven's just an awesome and complex character who's become a real icon in the DC Comics world. If you're into supernatural powers and deep character development, you gotta check out Raven!

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