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ElastiGirl (also known as Elasti-Woman) is a fictional comic book superheroine from DC Comics. ElastiGirl has appeared in numerous animated series and films. She first appeared live in the DC Universe and HBO Max series "Titans", played by April Bowlby, who reprised this role in the TV series "Patrol of Destiny". An elastic girl has the ability to expand and shrink her body. Its ability to expand allows it to become as big as a skyscraper. She has the ability to shrink to a few inches (during one adventure, she was exposed to a gas that caused her to shrink to microscopic size and enter the subatomic universe; this experience was not repeated). Rita can selectively shrink or expand parts of her body. As shown in John Byrne's novel Patrol of Destiny (discontinued), ElastiGirl could change the size of objects and people by touching them; when she released them, they returned to their normal size. Thanks to her protoplasmic physiology, Rita can regenerate any part of he...

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