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Lady Dimitrescu became a fan long before the release of Resident Evil: Village: a three—meter vampire with huge claws became the subject of endless memes - and, of course, cosplay. Dimitrescu's sexuality from the very beginning did not cause any doubts — even if under the sauce of a fetish. By the way, which one? In science, this phenomenon is called macrophilia — a craving for gigantic, excessively large people, coupled with pronounced elements of dominance and subordination. Alsina Dimitrescu is an aristocrat who won the hearts of the players. Charming on the outside, but a "monster", in every sense of the word, on the inside. A monster that has preserved only the appearance of a human, but has mutated into something that does not age and feeds on the blood of people. She is a monster in the figurative sense of the word. A terrible person, or rather a terrible something, who has been practicing vampirism, human sacrifice and just ruthless atrocities for many decades, ter...

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