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Splatoon Marie
Yo, have you heard of Marie from Splatoon? She's a total icon in the world of squid-kid battles! Marie, along with her cousin Callie, are the Squid Sisters - the coolest musical duo in Inkopolis! Marie's got this chill and collected vibe going on, but don't be fooled - she's a fierce fighter on the battlefield. Plus, she's got some serious fashion game! Have you seen her Octoling gear? It's totally stylish and functional at the same time. Marie's also got some serious talent when it comes to music. Her singing voice is like a beautiful siren call to all the squid-kids out there. And let's not forget about her DJ skills - she's totally got the beat to get everyone up and dancing! Overall, Marie's just an amazing character who's totally iconic in the Splatoon world. If you're into cool and collected characters who can totally kick butt on the battlefield, while also being an awesome musician and fashion icon, then Marie is the squid-kid for you!