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Gwen Tennyson
Gwendoline Tennyson, also known as Gwen or Lucky Girl, is a fictional character from the animated series Ben 10 and its derivatives, these are Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Alien Supremacy and Ben 10: Omniverse, as well as the 2016 reboot. Ben 10 , created by Man of Action and produced by Cartoon Network Studios . She's Ben Tennyson's smart red-haired cousin, half human and half Anadite, who does jiu-jitsu.karate and magic . She has a romantic interest in Kevin Levine . Gwen's original design, including a yellow T-shirt and ponytail, was inspired by Ben Tennyson's original design along with the usual red hair from all the series, and the ponytail will be included in the redesign of her out...
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